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Hello Food Enthusiasts! 

Welcome to Foodie Stork, a personal website on food and the beauties come along with it. I’ve started this project because food is my job, my hobby, my friend, my endeavor... especially good food! In fact, only the best in the world.

This website is triggered with the passionate will of my friends for restaurant tips all around the world. I couldn't have been happier to share my expertise with them and I finally thought that it's time to share it with everyone. You’ll find a wonderful range of places to eat in this website, from humble buffets to grand dining halls.

Cuisine and eating have recently become criteria for the rolling stones willing to wander around the world. These travel enthusiasts now want to know where and what to eat before they set off. Good food definitely has become to be marked off before 'checking' yet another destination.

The restaurants on Foodie Stork are categorised in a way you can easily find what you're looking for. There's a huge team behind this project and we’ve tried to cover all sorts, from the upscale to the casual. We’ve tried to cover restaurants combining delicious food with a warm ambience, great location, an helpful staff and a passionate chef. Here on Foodie Stork, you can also read feedbacks from the locals across the world.

Wherever you choose, it’s your money and time, and we want you to make the best out of both. Think of Foodie Stork as your dining concierge – guiding you to the hottest new restaurants and greatest local favourites in the world. Because we believe, to put a new spin on an old saying, you are "where" you eat.

Some of these restaurants are new, others I’ve visited five to ten years ago. The places I haven’t visited yet are in the ‘Noteworthy’ section. Some of the photos belong to us and some are from internet (for example TripAdvisor and other websites). We'll change them day by day. If you’ve been to any of the places we’ve visited – or any that we haven’t – please do share your thoughts and send us your photos if you'd like them to be published.

There's no accounting for taste and everything you read here is personal. Please feel free to comment – whether you agree or not...

We’ve hit the road with 20–30 locations at most and now reached a number of almost 1000 restaurants reviewed on Foodie Stork! We keep adding new spots every day, stay tuned!

We hope you enjoy Foodie Stork. Happy Eating!